This Is Not You.

You are not that voice that tells you “you are not worth it.”

You are not that emotional pit in your stomach.

You are not your bank account.

You are not your things.

You are not that man about give up because he has lost everything.

You are not those people wanting you to give more, do more, serve more.

You are not your failures.

You are not your reached goals.

You are not the song you lead, the sermon you preach, or the person you disciple.

You are not your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account.

You are not that self-help book.

You are not who you see in the mirror.

You are not the person you are trying to become.

You are not the sell out.

And most importantly, you are not a lost wandering human.

And you need to know is that you are who Jesus says you are.

You are loved.

You are His child. And He also guarantees us that He’s none of these things, or He’s all of these things.

Keep that in mind, and everything else will fall into place