Friendship, Art, and Coffee

Nothing beats good creativity, a hot cup of coffee, and divine friendship.

It’s like my perfect trio; a quite and intimate gathering place filled with creatvity, a cup of freshly brewed beans, and a person you love to talk to. And I believe it’s all God-given.

One of the highlights of my life and career is getting to know people. If I were honest, one of the most treasured moments in my line of work is finding others who share the same passion as I do for ministry creativity. But I’ve found that when I combine it with three of my favorite areas, some really great things tend to happen. Today, I want to show you a glimpse at one of the most cherished times in my life: when art, coffee, and friendships are put together to form a beautiful structure of visionary leadership.

Good Creativity.

I’m what ministry leaders call a “ministry artist.” I enjoy the creative side of ministry – the music, the production, the media, the aesthetics, etc. But if I were honest, nothing I have ever created is an original product; I simply curate ideas. One of the biggest ways I find new, fresh creativity is talking to others who do the same as myself. They might not do ministry the same way I do, but because of their friendship I am able to use their ideas to fit our church body. There are so many other people in this world that view creativity a different way than I do: it’s my privilege to keep an open mind and view something in a different light that I have before.

A Hot Cup of Coffee.

It’s my zen. My moment of comfort. My creative tool to focus. And it is for most guys like me. I find it funny that most leaders that are in the same line of ministry as myself have a certain coffee-ness to their workflow. Yes, I just made up a word. Deal. Nothing beats a good, freshly brewed cup of coffee. And nothing beats sharing it with a friend. We all have it – some form of comfort that helps us focus into our daily lives and workflow. What’s yours?

Divine Friendship.

I truly believe God places certain people in our life to help us grow and to be more like Jesus. I’ve had the great opportunity to sit down face to face with some of my most cherished ministry colleagues, heroes, and friends, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. When we sit together, coffee in hand, and describe the nature of our work and the passion behind our artistry, something happens insides me. It puts more fuel in my fire for Jesus. I love watching other guys describe why they do what they do. It simply makes me want to be a more visionary disciple. Honestly, if it wasn’t for these gatherings I have with other ministry leaders, I’m not sure if I could keep doing what I’m doing.

When we put these three areas of life together: our creative processes, our comfort, and our friendship, we can create some beautiful things that can glorify God. In all reality, having an intimate gathering with close people really is worshiping Christ.

So, today’s post really wasn’t a tip, advice, or a resource; but take it as a glimspe of encouragement. Get out there, network with other leaders, form friendships, and work together to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. Let them inspire you; and if you can, let your personality flow in the midst of their presence so the inspiration can reflect back to them.