Moving Forward

One person can’t do it all. 

Sure, you can try it all by yourself, but I promise you – you will fail. As a Worship & Creative Arts Leader, it is your job to create a worship experience on Sunday that will resonate with people during the week. You can create this by unleashing new ideas, songs, and environments, but doing it by yourself and without someone beside you is a red flag for failure. Nothing beats having the right people around you to do something beautiful on a Sunday morning.

Whether you are in a church of 50 or 5,000, you need to have the right people around you for your church to move forward. Here are 4 ways to move forward in your worship ministry:

1. Find an Accountability Partner.

Someone who can tell you what really happened. Someone who isn’t going to beat around the bush. Someone who can find your littlest flaws and help make them better. This is what having an accountability partner can do for you. Having someone like this has been one of the most effective ways I have grown as a worship leader. Sometimes what they have to say might hurt, but if you have chosen the right accountability partner, they can help you become a more fine tuned vessel for Christ.

2. Establish a Creative Team.

One of the highlights of my job is listening and executing wild and crazy ideas with my creative team. I meet monthly (and sometimes weekly) with a group of people who have the talent in creating that artistic edge on a Sunday morning. We come together to release our most radical ideas on each other, and try to figure out which ones would work best for our church body. Try this out: a new idea never hurt anyone!

3. Establish a Music Team.

As a worship leader, you need to know the people in your worship ministry well. I have a music team that consists of several people who help me present the gospel every Sunday in musical form. We sit down together to discuss flaws and failures of weeks past, and try to figure out ways to improve our current worship services. This is super vital for any worship pastor. An idea or song might look good to you, but checking it with others will either confirm or deny that it’s a good way to go.

4. Always be looking for fresh ideas.

Don’t stop with your first idea! Don’t limit what you can do! Too often, churches stop with a new stage design or lighting technique to enhance their services. Don’t introduce something new and keep it that way forever. You want people to expect the unexpected – that way, they aren’t expecting the normal.

What are ways do you use to improve as a worship leader? Leave your comments below.