6 Things You Need to Know Before You Do Anything

Last year I started working on my first recording project. It’s pretty intimidating. There’s quite a bit of work involved. Money. Time management. Criticism. Lack of creativity….just to name a few. And too be honest, I haven’t even got to the actual recording stage. There are many reasons why I should just stop right now and pursue something easier… but there is one thing that keeps me going:


It’s the fire behind all that I do. Passion supplies the energy & determination for my music, my art, my spiritual life, and everything in between. If you haven’t figured it out already, you should know that there are people and predicaments that are going to get in the way of your end goal. No matter where your passions lie, you need to be prepared for what the world throws out you. There are 6 things you need to know before you do anything.

1. Someone is going to disagree with you.

You will NEVER make everyone happy. I could release this album, sell 500,000 copies (it’ll be more like 5 copies, but you get the idea), and if I have 1 person tell me they didn’t like the songs, I’ll consider taking the album off the shelves. As humans, we tend to focus on the minor negative comments then the positive comments. If your landscaping for the church didn’t favor 2% of the congregation, then that’s ok…because it most likely blessed those first-time visitors on Sunday morning.

2. Removing the toxic people in your life can help.

I’ve been in situations where I let the “toxic people” in my life control my behavior. In the past, I’ve let toxic leadership tell me I will never be good enough to accomplish what I’ve set out to do. There will always be people telling you that you can’t achieve your dreams. Listen & rely on those who believe in you and want to see you flourish.

3. Make sure it has beneficial value.

I try to make sure every word I speak, every song that is heard, & every graphic that is made has value behind it. Do I fail at this?  Constantly! There are days I speak invaluable words and think negative thoughts. Even though I struggle at this daily, I constantly try to have a mindset of value locked in to make try to make everything I do to bring glory to the Kingdom.

4. Ask Yourself, “Am I doing this to boost my pride?”

There is a fine-line between doing something great for others, and doing something great for your own benefit. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, someone is going to think you have a prideful spirit; it’s just the way our flesh is designed. You might want to revaluate everything you do to make sure you are not doing it to make yourself look better – you’d be surprised at what you find. Worship leaders typically get the bad wrap for this. I constantly remind myself why God called me to this design of ministry: It’s to direct people to the heart of worship, not the heart of pride.

5. Learn from past mistakes.

Trial and error has proven to be a vital learning experience in my life. Don’t forget about the times you have fallen and God got you back up. Those times can produce fruit in the future. Mix your new experiences with that of past experiences.

6. Give it everything you have.

Anything worth doing is worth doing great. I don’t like to sing a song, lead worship, create a design, or even have a counseling session where only give 50% of the effort needed. The memorable experiences that people have are when you give that situation all of your wisdom, passion, intelligence, and heart. I challenge you to go a full day doing everything you do at 110%. I promise you will see a difference. Not to mention that Jesus not only asks, but demands our absolute best.

These are just a few ideas of how I deal with any & every situation in my life. What are some ideas you would like to add to this list? Leave you ideas in the comment section below.