Pushing The Limits

I have this love / hate relationship with our worship center.

We have a a space that seats around 250 people. It’s a nice space. However, there are a few things that doesn’t help us with the direction we are taking our worship services. We have this 70’s-style wood paneling that covers pretty much the entire lower half of the space. There’s this strange disconnect from the stage to the congregation – the stage is a little too high for my taste, so I sometimes feel like they have to look up at me during the worship service. The hardest part is, the stage was originally constructed to be a school auditorium for plays. Because of that, I run into constant problems fitting things onto the stage, making it look clean, etc, etc.

Sounds like a pretty irritating area, right? You’re wrong. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Here’s the reason why: I constantly have to push myself to fit my creative thoughts into a small aged area that wasn’t even made for what we’re doing. This pushes me. And I love it.

Truth be told, if I had a 500 seat worship center with theater style seating equipped with the latest and greatest gear as well as a big stage that would be my giant blank canvas, I could do some pretty awesome things. However, I don’t think I would grow the way I’m growing right now in my creativity. I’m constantly having to figure out ways to make something work in a space that wasn’t made for what we are doing.

So, my question to you, church creative, is this: when we have everything we need to make something work, are we truly growing?

Take some churches like Church on the Move. They are, in my opinion, one of the most creative churches in the States. They have an amazing worship center, state of the art equipment, and tremendous artistry in all that they do.  Personally, if I had what they have, I don’ know if I would grow as an artist.

When extraordinary becomes regular, we get comfortable. And creativity does not like passivity.

Then I look at guys like, well, you. Most of my readers. Most of you are from churches that run between 150-500. You’re trying to push the limits with your creativity in your worship services, and sometimes, you feel like you are hindered in the space you work in. Let me be the first to say, I’m there with you. There are days when I I want to kick, yell, and scream at my worship space (usually when I’m up in the attic running cables). So I understand the frustration.

Church creative, I want to remind you of two things you might have forgotten:

1. You have a space. Honestly, be happy for that. I can name 20 churches off the top of my head that meet in a space that they do not own. Be thankful that you have a space where you can get creative with. It’s a blessing that you have a space.

2. Own the space. I can guarantee you, you can do something different with your space. Every now and then, I’ll go sit in my worship center in the back row, and just stare. I’ll sit there for 20 minutes and just look at the space. Slowly, God reveals to me some ideas.

So next time you’re wishing you had that new piece of equipment, or that new space to work in, just remember….you’re being force to push yourself.  The balls in your court. Are you going to do the mundane, or are you going to push your creative limit?

Because truth be told, your creativity has no limit.