From "Eh" to Excellence

Excellence. In everything. And it’s not something brought about overnight.

Unfortunately, most churches don’t have excellence. They have mediocre. And they’re perfectly fine with that.

Too often, churches become so satiated in their current state of ministry that the fuse for change tends to fizzle out. We look around our church campus and realize things look nice, updated, and refreshing – so we stay that way for months, or in some cases years at a time. It seems as if church leaders can become very complacent in their calling (and sometimes their paycheck) so they tend to stop pushing the evangelistic button. Trust me when I say you can always bring new life into your church. On the flip side, you have those ministries who want to push the button, but they have no clue where to start – and sometimes, they are even afraid of change. No matter what the case may be, it is always beneficial to change the current state of your churches look. Here are some ways you can make your church go from “eh” to excellent:

Say the same thing, but in a different way.

If we look at scripture, we constantly see Jesus presenting His message in very different and illustrated ways. If He is our greatest example, then let us do the same! Presenting your worship set, your greeting ministry, or even your bulletins in a new and exciting way can help you leak out the gospel to people who typically would not recognize it. Spread the same message you always have, but be looking for different ways you can express it.

Make everything absolutely beautiful.

The screens. The stained glass. The stage. Every. Single. Inch. I can’t express this enough: from the moment your campus is visible to the time people leave on Sunday afternoon, it is your privilege to make every inch of the House of of God a presentation of Jesus Christ and His message. Whether that is a spring cleaning or a complete artistic overhaul, make your campus a place of complete gospel transparency. Take a walk around your campus and see what you can do to update and make your church buildings better. It could be your signage, your nursery walls, or even your worship center – whatever it is, it’s your job to make everything look absolutely flawless.

Push the button and make them leave their comfort zone.

Try something completely off the wall. Branch out for ideas and expressions that you don’t think you can do – and then try your best to make them work, until you have been able to see it accomplished. You must be able to speak the same artistry as your people, but make sure that your art and focus are not presented in the same way all the time. Bounce ideas off of other people; read creativity blogs; and then try to present something that will give your people the “shock and awe” factor.

So there you go. Just some little ideas you can do to make your presence on Sunday mornings a fresh and successful way to bring others to Christ. Try them out – and start updating your church!

What are some things you have done to freshen up your church facility? Leave your comments below.