Reinventing The Wheel

So, I’ve got this deadline.

It’s a pretty hefty one. Basically, I’m a doing a complete face-lift for an entire ministry in Alabama, and they’ve asked me to direct it.

Truth be told, I don’t have the time to do it.


Creating anything from scratch is always quite difficult, but when you are asking an artist to make a video, graphic, or printed material from scratch, you’re asking for quite a bit of work.The process of creating a design from scratch is long, tedious, and sometimes frustrating. However, there are so many resources out there for you designers that you can utilize to make your time way more effective and less time consuming without losing any artistic value. Here’s some great resources that I use on a weekly basis:

1. GraceWay Media– By far, this is the best church resource I have ever seen. With over 6,000 sets of stills, 1,400 motions, and 2,500 Photoshop templates, you simply can’t go wrong. They ask for a yearly fee of $400, which is insanely cheap considering what you are getting. A must-need for any church media guy.

2. Worship House Media – If you are needing a mini-movie for a sermon series or event coming up & you have NO experience with creating your own sermon bumper, then I would suggest WHM. You pay per movie you download, however, they have multiple styles of movies & mini-sermon bumpers for your upcoming series. (tip: they might not have the exact wording you need for your next series, but I would suggest to find you that fits it and simply change the name of the upcoming series.)

3. OPEN: This is a FREE resource ministry from LifeChurch (Craig Groschel) to help those churches in need of media when there is no media budget. A great resource if you’re just trying to spice things up at church.

4. The Envato Marketplace – From business cards to full-blown After Effects Videos, Envato’s got it. If you are put to the task of creating something a little different (i.e., t shirt, angled banners, outside of a box, billboard, etc) then I highly suggest you check out Graphic River. I would not  suggest using this unless you have had some Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign experience.

5. CreationSwap– This can either be a free or paid resource. It’s simply a collection of Christian graphics from other church media designers. I visit this site daily for creative inspiration.

Let me express one thing: nothing ever beats artistic originality. Don’t rely on these sources all the time. Stretch your limits and see what your mind and passion can do.

What places do you use for quick & easy graphic designing? Leave your comments below.