7 Phrases You Should Throw Away

We all have them.

These things called excuses. At that time in history, they seem perfect for that occasion. Truth be told, we don’t need them. So…let’s get rid of them; plain and simple.

Have you ever used one of these excuses? Check them out. And then let’s throw them out of our lives.


1. I’m Already Committed. Your point? Get MORE committed. Learn your craft. Turn your talent into a finely tuned craft. Set a high goal, and strive to reach it.

2.  I can’t. Yes, you can. If I can do it, you can. Where there passion, there’s desire to achieve.

3. I’m not qualified. Because Jesus’ disciples met all the current social requirements, right?

4. I’ll mess up. And so will I. And the rest of the world. Do your best, forget the rest.

5. I’ll try my best. Don’t try. DO your best. Show the rest of the crowd what happens when you do, and don’t just try.

6.  They are better. So? God is asking YOU to do this…not that person.

7. I quit. Did Jesus quit on you?

Pretty easy, right? Let’s get rid of these in our lives. All they do is bring us down, and who wants that? Let’s strive for a bigger calling then our own selfish desires.