We’re all busy. All the time. There’s no time for anything else. Just work. No rest. Just work. No children, no wife, no Godly endeavors…

No life.

Just work.


I recently read an article that in the United States, we work more per hour and per week than any other developed nation. In the high-paced social & corporate ladder that is our current nation, it is so easy for us to lose a sense of rest. We are all trying achieve. We are all trying to dominate. We are all trying to climb.

When in all reality, all we are really end up doing is staying afloat.

Shalom is a Hebrew word that simply means peace. It’s a term used between Jews to give peace to one another. Just saying the word brings peace to my spirit. A beautiful, restful word. One God has given us to bring peace upon our current status quo.

The other night, I was sitting outside watching planes line up in the sky to make their way into Las Vegas. A breeze snuck it’s way into my path as I watched the palm trees and flowers dance with the passing wind.

I thought to myself, this is exactly what I needed.

It’s almost like getting a big hug from Jesus. I have these moments of Shalom when I feel like it’s God saying “I know today was rough – but today is over, and joy will come in the morning….but in the meantime, cherish those things I have placed around you.”

Everyone needs these moments of Shalom. We all get way to wrapped our in the current project that we think we make our career or that stressful personal problem and we are having to face head on.

But every now and then, we all need Shalom. And there are 3 easy ways to do it.

1. Stop.

Stop what you are doing. Right now. It’s not that important. Your family is more important than that thing. Your health is better off without that overtime at work. Your relationships will succeed because you stopped.

2. Breathe.

Take a big deep breath of air. Relax. Give yourself some slack. Run your hands through your hair, and sit back. Look around, cherish that beauty that is around you, and be happy. 

3. Maintain.

Stop trying to climb the latter. No reason to you have to do it now. Just rest.

It’s really that simple. Everyone needs those moments. Truth be told, it’s these moments that help me charge the gates of everyday pressures….those moments when God whispers “Don’t worry, I got this. You just sit back and rest.”

Shalom, my friends.