Should I Daydream at Work?

It’s the one thing we’ve all been asked.

Did I just catch you daydreaming?” 

I recently read an article suggested that “daydreaming could actually involve a highly engaged brain state — daydreaming can lead to sudden connections and insights because it’s related to our ability to recall information in the face of distractions.”

This got me thinking.

What if – now, just hear me out – what if, I take 15 minutes every day during my workflow to just sit there, and daydream. Look at clouds in the sky and think about whatever pops in. Could this actually, really, like, for a real…. be a big thing?

So I tried it.


And then I realized something. Something huge.

Almost every new project I have ever had came from me daydreaming. From a “what if” to a “how about” to a “I wonder how.”

And you know what. I realized something.

Daydreaming is awesome.

I’m going to start to take a few moments everyday to find a comfy thinking space, and just sit there. Relax. Then I’ll think a bit. And then it’ll turn into a daydream. And then that turns into a band new, world-changing idea.

Try it. And let me know what new projects you come up with.

Just make sure to ask your boss first.