Routine Vs. Rituals

I’m a creative. And we either hate or love how we work.

It’s one of the things that the creative types tend to hate. We all have that specific time of day when the individual genius of who were are starts to pour out of our heads and onto our tools of trade. We get into a series of daily space where we know exactly what works for us, what time of day works best, and what things makes us produce art of better quality.

The only problem is that we stay in this rut for too long. And the risk that makes art great becomes completely oblivious to the artist.

Simply put, this is an idealistic definition of the word “routine.” This is where we have perfected who we are, what we do, and how we create.

And the risk we took to achieve greatness is no longer available in the creative compartments of our souls.

The risk that makes art great can become completely oblivious to the artist.

First off, let me tell you that I don’t believe in routines. They’re stupid. They’re wrong. They make me want to take a piece of paper, write the word “routine” on it, and and light it on fire.

In case you missed it, let me say again, I don’t believe in routines.

Rituals however, that’s a whole other story.

I’m extremely ritualistic. I believe that rituals are what make me tick.

Before we go any further, let me explain what a ritual is to me. It’s the driving force of a daily agenda where I pour all that I am into that segment of the day. My work schedule. My workout. The times of day when I get to speak love to my people. My time secluded and alone. My creative moments where something sparks inside of my head.

Still don’t believe me that a ritual is the way to go? Check out what how Webster’s dictionary explains the two:

Routine: a fixed program / performed for a regular procedure, rather than a special reason.

Ritual: a ceremony consisting of special actions to perform a specific task.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a routine. I don’t want to be “fixed into a program.” I don’t want to perform “regular procedure.” I want everything in my life to be an action where it brings me to perform a relevant task in my life.

Let me stop you right there. Because at this point, you’re already thinking “but I have to do *this* or *that* no matter what, whether I like it or not.”

True. But there is no reason that those things have to stay that way. Make every single thing that you do a part of who you are. Have ownership over it. Make it as great as can be. And you’ll soon find out, that your routines will become slaves to your rituals.

You don’t want mediocre day to day. You want passionate moments by moments.

I think it’s time we all sit down and revaluate our daily routines, and slowly figure out if what we are doing is just because we have to, or it’s because it means something to us and to those we love.

Dive into the unknown. Own your daily schedule. Start getting ritualistic, and dump the routine.

It's better that way.