The Paralyzation of Ideas

Last week, my friend Jonathan Malm  wrote a great blog post about how easy it is to come up with ideas. As a creative, it is easy to come up with ideas; but honestly, it can be a blessing a curse.

There’s two different types of creatives: the producers and the inventors. The producers are people who are constantly coming up with ideas, and figuring out a way to make all of them come to life. The inventors are people who have a strike of genius and spend quite a bit of time on one project, and eventually release something absolutely mind-blowing.


Personally I’m a producer, and my flow looks something like this:


idea - new project-new task.


Which then equals more work flow. Tons, and tons, and tons of work flow.

You might be one of those producers who has an issue with thinking you have to deliver on every idea you bring to the table. I’m here to give you some grace; you don’t have to. And to be honest, it’s probably better that you don’t.

You don’t have to deliver every idea you bring to the table.


1. Don’t do it all at the same time.  I have a big black board in my office that I write down every idea on. However, when I get to my office the next day, for some reason, I think every one of these projects need to be done. And in return, my daily duties take a risk and becoming uncompleted tasks because I’m stressing over 6 new ideas that shouldn’t even be real projects yet. Big lesson to learn here: don’t spend time doing things that are going to hurt your work flow.

Don’t spend time doing things that are going to hurt your work flow.


2. Keep your stress level low by doing one big project at a time.  So after I look at my giant black board full of great ideas, those ideas start dwindling, and dwindling, until they become less than mediocre work. And when it’s time to showcase them, the people that I have been talking this idea up to look at me as if I haven’t delivered anything at all. In all reality, it probably would have been better if I had done just that. Make sure your work flow schedule is down – add 1 project at a time. Deliver, and move on.

So if you’re a Creative Producer, please know that you’re not alone. We got your back. But maybe it’s time to wipe away all those ideas, take a breather, and pick just one for now.

And for you inventors…..we’ll talk about you next week.