Celebrate Your Crazy

I’ve been treading around this earth now for 26 years. And while you might be sitting there saying “he doesn’t even know what life is yet,” I finally feel like I’ve locked down exactly who I am as a person. Most likely, I’m completely wrong about who I think I am, or what I was intended to do in this life. But let’s go ahead and continue to let me lie to myself about that.

I’ve talked through some pretty basic ideas for life goals for myself to some people’s opinions whom I trust- and most of them (I’m lying, all of them) have laughed and said I was crazy.


My man Webster defines that as someone “who is wildly aggressive.”

Wildly aggressive.

He also said it’s someone who “manifests enthusiasm in a particular place in their life.”

Manifests enthusiasm.

Here’s the thing about crazy people. They’re weird. They don’t belong. And in some cases, they’re looked down upon by society because of what they believe in and/or what they try to accomplish.

And if I you were really honest with yourself, I think you would probably want to be crazy too.


The normal American gets married, has a bunch of kids, settles down in a house with a 40-year mortgage, works a job that pays the bills, comes home, sits on their couch, eats their dinner and lives their lives in this mindset of “I have arrived, this is life, and I’m comfortable.”

Dreams get drowned in private mediocrity.

Ideas and creativity becomes irrelevant to the most deepest parts of their individuality.

They live day to day. Paycheck by paycheck, Netflix series to Netflix series.

If you were to search deep in the most innate parts of your soul, you and I both know that this is not what was intended for you. It’s time to throw away the old, and ring in a chapter of your life that consists of dreams, visions, adventures, and accomplishments that can change this world.

Go ahead and call yourself crazy. Say it out loud. Do you believe it yet? Because you should. Your life was never intended to live in a place of conforming to what “the normals” are doing; your were born to change the course of this world. You were born to be crazy.  So let’s go ahead and get started on this new chapter of your life you’ve been missing out on.

First, try surrounding yourself with other crazies.

People who follow their dreams. People who question social apathy. People who disrupt the system. People who live for moments, not agendas. People who decide to craft themselves into a position of originality. And if “original” means “crazy,” then surround yourself with originals who are living out crazy lives.

Also, realize that normal is the new irrelevant.

At this point in your life, do you seriously want to surround yourself with people who fall into the human standpoint of social apathy? Here’s what I’m trying to say: the people who live because they have to. The people who fall into the rut of wanting that the mundane 9-5, paycheck, weekly sitcoms, and the weekend sleeping-in schedule.

Where are they going? What are they doing? Is this lifestyle what I want impressed into my life?

The normal that we see driving down the freeway during rush hour is not the crazy that is going to define your life. Want to pursue your dream? Quit your job, and start your business. Stop eating the potato chips, and go pursue that body you’ve wanted. Put down the golf clubs, and fine tune your craft that is going to take you places.

Normal is boring. Normal is mundane. Normal isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And crazy will alwaysdestroy normal.

At the end of the day, celebrate your Insaneness. 

And really, this process of “craziness celebration” is pretty easy. You party when you change the tiniest parts of who you are. You stay proud of your individuality. You live with enthusiastic risk, and completely kill your typical day-to-day processes that’s been secretly killing you.

So today when you get into the car to drive home from work, ask yourself, “did I change the world today?”

When you are cooking dinner for the kids tonight, question your relevance and investment into their lives.

While you are on the treadmill working off those last five pounds, ask yourself, “is this for me, or what I think people want to see?”

When you lay your head on your pillow tonight, will your face be filled with smiles, or tears of regret for not doing what you know your life was intended to do?

It’s time to pursue whatever it is you were meant to pursue. Life is a celebration. Create that craziness in your life. And do with your life what you know you are here to do.

Trust me, it’s better that way.