The Monsters

Risk is a very bad 4 letter word.

Rick involves danger. Exposure. It involves change…and sometimes, change that you don’t necessarily want. It takes the very most private moments of who you are, and puts exactly who you are to the eyes of the judgers.

Risk exposes you. Risk puts you to the test.

Risk is quite easily, a big scary monster.


We all have monsters. We all have things in our lives that we are afraid of even contemplating the thought of going near. Almost impossible goals. Relationships being torn. Change. Conflict. Opposition. Judgement. Tension. Losing. Failure.

These are all monsters we fight. And I firmly believe monsters are one of the biggest ingredients we need to become the best creators on earth.

Here’s the thing about monsters: monsters like to creep up and scare us from behind. They hide in the deepest and darkest corners of your life, and strike us at what we think is the most inconvenient time.

Monsters keep us on our toes. And they’re suppose to do just that. Monsters don’t just come out of nowhere. They’re there for a reason, and they attack at the exact times we need them to attack. As someone who strives to live their life as creatively as possible, being aware of your monsters is the one of the greatest ways you can defeat them.

Study your monsters. Figure out what scares them. And then crush them.


Always remember, you were made to kill your monsters. Study your monsters. Figure out what scares them. And then crush them. The monsters in your life give you a lack of complacency. And that’s exactly what they’re there to do. Don’t let yourself become comfortable. Comfortability equals complacency. Complacency equals status quo. Status quo equals failure. If you let risk become fear, then that means your monsters have defeated you.

At the end of day, when all your monsters have been slain, it’s very important that you don’t become a monster yourself. Keep yourself and your art humble. Just because you conquered today’s monsters does not mean a bigger monster isn’t going to come right at you tomorrow morning. Keep your work, your art, and your profession a place of humility.

Monsters are there for a reason. You were made to kill those monsters. And at the end of the day, don’t become a monster.

Happy creating.