Boasting in My Weakness

Every now and then, I get this certain thought. This thought is rare, but it’s a thought nonetheless. It’s this thought that no matter what I do, what I say, and what I present, I will never live up to what I think Ishould be. What is even worse, is that sometimes, I think that my best abilities are mediocre to those watching.

And I have a feeling you are the same way.


Let’s be honest…life brings pressure. No matter where you are in life you have pressure. Your pressure isn’t the same as my pressure. The things that bother me might not bother you – but we all have something in our lives that takes our stress level through the roof. Let me give you a personal example so you can see where I’m going with this. There are days where I feel like I fail at every single thing that I do. I start to doubt myself, my talents, abilities, and skills, and I want to throw in the towel. Truth be told, I didn’t fail at anything I did that day – I just set my personal standard way to high.

I’ve come to realize that’s called perfection. I’m also starting to find out that it is selfishness and I bringmy pressure upon myself, because I. am. selfish.

…there’s my confession for the week.

What is somewhat surprising is this facade of perfection I put on my life even when Jesus tells us that there is no such thing as perfection outside of Him. Really, this life isn’t mine to live anyways. And because of that truth alone, I can boast in my weakness.

Our society tries to tell us that we have to live up to a certain “code” of life. In all reality, that code of life is completely wrong, and sometimes unbiblical.

No points today. No 3 bullet body with a conclusion. I just wanted to give my readers the encouragement that even in our faults, failures, goals, and triumphs, we serve a God that is above them all. You don’t have to live up to what society says. Just live for Jesus, boast your flaws in Him, and do the best you can.

Have a great day, my friends.