The Liberty of Creative Death

You will never be original.

All start-ups will have copyright infringements. Every author will plagiarize. All musicians will write cover songs.  No matter what we conjure up in our minds to pursue, our creative development will spill out from our experiences and elements around us. If we were to dig mentally deep enough, our “original” thoughts can be traced back to some thought in our minds from someone or something else that sparked this new creative venture. It’s safe to say, our originality is crippled.

And with this, we feel like every creative venture we take will be in vain.

Far too often, I come across creative entrepreneurs who tend to think that they can demand their creative process to overflow in authenticity and originality. Truth be told, there will never be a time, day, or place where you can tell your creativity to jumpstart itself into original thoughts. The worst part is, thoughts like this will absolutely kill your creativity.

Today’s post isn’t a grouping of sentences to uplift your life, a resource for your creative agenda, or even a cause of purpose one should live by; today’s post is a call to those who call themselves artists.

In a day and age when creativity, authenticity, and originality is in its highest demand, artists are starting to lose themselves in the battle that is their creative genius. They are placing their artistry on calendars, and not investing into their creative souls. Authentic art is part of our everyday war. And artists are losing the battle.

Authentic art is part of our everyday war. And artists are losing the battle.


Cue, creative death.

Imagine if you were completely destroy your creative process. Starting who you are as a creative from scratch. Becoming a new born infant of creative thoughts and practices. If you are wanting originality in your creativity, it makes sense to kill your current creative agenda, and start from scratch.

And with creative death, comes the birth of originality.

It’s like being born again into a flock of new thoughts and creative endeavors. Your mind becomes clear; so clear, that thoughts you would have never thought of will start pouring into your mind and soul, and that overflow will create some new and amazing things.

Next time you are in a creative funk, shut your laptop down, put the caps back on your pens, and kill your creative process. Find a new way to think, feel, and understand what creativity is. You never know…you might actually come up with a original thought.

Kill your creativity. Rebirth your creative process. And turn your new project into gold.