To Flee, To Flock

Life can really scream at you sometimes.

It doesn’t always scream at you in the worst of ways; but sometimes, it’s just enough to make your life seem a little more than what you tend to typically bare.

Life can easily decide to cut your teeth on thin ice; and no matter how strong your emotional frame may be, it can stagger above you ten feet tall, and give you no reassurance that a happier life is right around the corner.

I believe life screams at us at times when we need it.

I believe life is a process; and it’s a process that has both good and bad.

I believe life is a series of battles of an inner war that you constantly fight with your earthly flesh.

And that’s perfectly okay. 

I believe in two things when facing life battles: you flee, and you flock. You flee things that destroy you, and you flock to those things that grow you.

Today, I want to express to you my belief in fleeing & flocking.

Flee those things that need to be left behind.

Sometimes, it’s careers. Projects. Agendas, Things that give you false comfort. Negative thoughts that drive you down a path of false hope.

Sometimes, it’s Memories.

Other times, it’s relationships.

We all have something that we need to flee from. Even as you are reading this, I know for a fact you already have one thing in your mind that you know you would be better off without…but for some reason, you hold onto it with a firm grip, as if you can never let it go. There are times when you have to let things go, even when you don’t want to. Such is life. Don’t try make up a false sense of hope in keeping things that give you momentary value and satisfaction Instead, leave the things you know you need to reject behind you. And don’t ever look back.

Sometimes, It’s memories that bring out the worst in you.

It’s a relationship that destroys every fabric of who you are.

It’s your innate dark thoughts that tell you “you will never be good enough.”

My friends; flee these things. Run away from them with reckless abandon.

And don’t ever look back.

Flock to those things that you need the most.

Leaving things behind is only half of the battle. And to be quite honest, sometimes leaving things behind is easier than picking up those things we need to flock towards.

Sometimes, it’s a life path we’re afraid of following.

A passionate goal that seems unreachable.

What your life looks like without certain people.

What it means to be a vessel of Christ instead of a vessel of You.

Flocking towards things we are pursuing can be harder than leaving things behind; but trust me when I say, the doubter inside of you will quickly dissolve once you see purpose in the things you flocking towards. I don’t believe in the status-quo life; I believe in a life that is filled with passion, purpose, order, and discipline, and creativity. And to make your life revolve around those 5 things, you have to pursue your passions, no matter what they are. Pursuit can be a scary thing; and if we were honest, the reason why we don’t flock towards what we believe in is because of insecurity and discipline. Those two things will quickly kill anyones dream. However, if you constantly flock towards your passion, those two elements of who you are will die along with the things you left behind.

Flee the fact you can’t override reality. And flock towards proving the nay-sayers wrong.

Flee false hope. Flock towards grace and love.

Flee status-quo. Flock towards passionate ambition.

Flee who you are. Flock towards who you were meant to be.

Flee yourself. Flock towards grace.

Trust me, it’s better that way.