The Genius of Right Now

We live for tomorrow. We plan for tomorrow, We work towards what tomorrow brings. We set aside time today to figure out what tomorrow looks like. And while I would say those are all great things, the irony is that we start to plan our entire lives around our future.

We go to parties, and instead of making moments with those we love the most, our minds are concentrated on the meeting we have to lead tomorrow. Instead of listening to our children tell us about their day, we’re already thinking about what we need to do to get them ready for tomorrow. We meet our friends for coffee, nod and smile, but are never really present, because we are only thinking about what is next on our list for the day. We work out for future bodies. We go to school for future careers. We read self help books for a better future us. 80% of our lives consist of us living for something that isn’t even a reality. Tomorrow. The future. That’s all we think about, and that’s all we seem to care about.

So much so, that we lose what it is to live in the right now.

“Living in the right now.” Let’s focus on that for a second. America has this fantastic (that’s sarcasm) reputation of working more hours in one week than any other civilized place on earth. And while we are busy trying to make our lives better for our future selves, we completely ignore the fact that what we presently have is a giant blessing that we are simply ignoring. We ignore what is happening right now. 

You spent all day thinking about tomorrow. And when tomorrow comes, you’ll think about the next day. This is a typical, yet mundane lifestyle that even myself can get trapped in. I can easily live in a place where all I am thinking about is what is next to be done. So much so, that I completely lose what it is to live in the right now.

Today, I want to encourage you to start living in the right now.  The moments that are now are never going to happen again. We have been given the past, present and future; and for the most part, we never consider meditating in the present; only the past and the future.

I want to encourage you to stop. Stop what you are doing. Right now. It’s not that important. Your family is more important than that bill that you have to pay in a couple days. Your health is better off without that overtime that will get you ahead of your day tomorrowYour relationships will succeed because you stopped thinking about tomorrow, and decided to live for today.

Also, make sure to breathe. Take a big deep breath of air. Relax. Give yourself some slack. Experience the current moments that are around you. Run your hands through your hair, sit back and just breathe. Cherish that beauty that you are surrounded by, and be happy.

And also, maintain. Stop trying to climb the latter. Yes, climbing the latter. No reason to you have to do it now. Just rest.

That’s the genius of right now. No anxiety over what tomorrow holds. No pressure of a deadline that is constantly flooding your head. Live for what is, and not what will be. This isn’t your excuse to be lazy; this is simply an alternative to living a future life full to non-present anxieties. I’m all for planning ahead; but don’t make it your life habit to live in the tomorrow when it’s not even here.

I think most of us would say that restoring the genius of right now into our lives would create this beautiful place of moment living. And that’s exactly what us creatives need: we create from moments – and we need to live in the moments to create from them.

Breathe in. Soak in the masterpiece that is life. Create present moments around you, and celebrate them by living in the right now.

And think about tomorrow when it’s tomorrow.

It’s better that way.