The Blame, The Game, And How To Work Through It.

Look, we all have it.

Bad days, good days, horrible days, amazing days….they come and go.

But the true, defining ones are the days that completely come at you at a surprise.

And sometimes, that can be good or bad. And most of those bad days start with a complaint.

As a ministry leader, you’re going to have people that just flat out don’t like you. Not your music, not your style of preaching, not your apparel on Sunday morning….it’s just flat out you.

Your personality.
Your demeanor.
Your humor.
Your character.

That’s a hard thing to take in – not the fact that someone doesn’t like what you do, but that they don’t like you. And yeah, it hurts. But here’s the great thing about it.

Complaints are always a way to make you stronger. Whether they were meant to refine you, or simply meant to hurt you – take it, learn from it, and make it part of the structure of your leadership.

As a leader of a ministry, you have to decided a few things:

Am I going to take it personal, or am I going to learn from it? That’s your first step. If we were honest, it’s hard not to take criticism personally if it’s coming from someone with a judgmental attitude. However, you can do what you should do:

Love them, regardless of their selfish opinions,

…or you could:

Stay mad at them for a extended period of time, with no reconciliation or true Biblical forgiveness.

Remember…it’s on them. Don’t take it personally. Always evaluate what you did, and if you simply come to the conclusion that it was simply a “I don’t like you” spirit…then forgive, and move on.

You have more important things to do than to dwell on this issue.