What You Needed to Hear

The thoughts in your head are not your own.

Take a ten minute breather, come back and take care of your situation.

Today is your day to start your reboot. Get off your couch, and start living your life.

Live life to it’s fullest. And sometimes, that means slowing down.

Cherish what you have. You don’t need what you think you do.

You don’t have to be the best. Just be you.

Insecurity is a lie. Your security relies in Jesus, and Jesus alone.

No, you’re not a deadbeat pastor. Your flock doesn’t hate you. Be shepherd by Jesus, and He will let you shepherd your people.

You don’t have to do it all. Pick two things; and become a master at that.

Stop working hard. Only work smart.

I don’t care what they did; you love them back.

Stop expecting your team/family/friends to be a clone of you.

Just love. Nothing else matters right now. Just love.

If this post made no sense to you, then today’s post was not for you.

But if any of these hit home, then know you’re not alone. Jesus has you. And the great thing is, He never lets us go.