Cowards and Risk Takers

Today's post is an excerpt from the book Makers & Monsters, releasing this October.

Life can really scream at you sometimes.

It can easily decide to cut your teeth on thin ice; and no matter how strong your emotional frame may be, it can stagger above you ten feet tall, and give you no reassurance of understanding.

Life is a process; and it’s a process that has both good and bad.

I believe life is a series of battles of an inner war that you constantly fight with yourself. So much so, that life will bend and break you in the moments when you least expect it.

You will wake up one day, and tell yourself “this is the best I have been” and two days later, all four corners of your heart can come crashing in. Any coward can seem courageous when he’s surrounded by a life that fills him up. But when you are alone and your blood runs thin, that’s when you decide if you’re going to let your own doubt, fear, and hurt control the foundation of who you are.

Trust me when I say, hurt can come when you least expect it, from nowhere with absolutely no reasoning.

And there is a chance you will have to live the rest of your life without understanding or knowing the "why" behind the hurt you currently feel.

But that hurt you feel has a deep truth attached to it.

It has refinement. And refinement is a beautiful thing. 

I sit here today, writing these words to tell you that when hurt comes into your life, you have one of two choices. The first, being that you can sit in that hurt, and let the anger and confusion of your hurt slowly erase away who you are as a person. The second being, when hurt is created into the deepest parts of who you are, you can take that hurt, and craft it into something beautiful.

Choose the latter. Take your hurt, and craft it into progress.

If I'm saying anything today, it's this: Let life breathe into you a sentence, and write back a novel. Put on a sweater with a loose thread that your hope and dreams cannot resist pulling, and then pull with the fear that all may unravel around you. Give yourself a boat, mount it with the fastest sail, and take on the darkest of storms.

Hurt can make us do crazy things. And what those crazy things may be, that's up to you.

Don't let your hurt turn you into a coward. Instead, take a risk and follow your hurt.

Because in that risk, you will find comfort.

And in that comfort, you will see a change in your life. 

Trust me. It's better that way.